Technology and ecology

For Bernhard-AV, protecting the environment and contributing to the fight against climate change are an integral part of corporate responsibility. BERNHARD-AV sets new standards not only regarding its quality service but also regarding environmental corporate policies and it constantly seeks to improve it services on both of these fronts. Here are some of the main features that make us the ideal partner for environmentally aware clients and Green Events/Green Meetings:

We work with high-tech equipment that meets the highest environmental standards and has a long service life.

Our central location in the heart of Vienna and well-planned transport logistics guarantee maximum flexibility and low CO2 emissions.

Since 2016 we obtain 100% renewable energy from a certified supplier, that means we use electricity that is completely CO2 neural.

We are gradually changing over our fleet of utility vehicles to eco-friendly alternatives, such as electric vehicles. As of today, we have an electric cargo bike and an electric transporter in use. Those utility vehicles that have not been substituted with non-emitting alternatives yet have been replaced by low-emission conventional utility vans.

We compensate for the remaining CO2 emissions (from our heating system and conventional utility transportation) with “humus-certificates”, that is, certificates for a local humus formation project in the Eco-Region Kaindorf, in lower Austria.

We constantly seek to optimize internal operations in order to be more efficient in our use of resources. We moreover acquire goods along ecological criteria and choose fair trade and ecologically certified goods over non-certified products where possible.

We managed to half our waste over the last two years and have increased our recycling quota from 0.34 to 0.55.


Last but not least, there is one fundamental principle which applies to every event serviced by us:

 KreisEverything we bring, we take away with us again!


Bernhard-AV is certified according to EMAS, the international eco-management and audit scheme


Bernhard-AV is the first provider of conference equipment in Austria to have been certified according to EMAS, the internationally recognized premium standard of environmental management. This makes Bernhard-AV the perfect partner for green events and green meetings.

EMASLogokl neu

EMAS stands for Eco-Management and Audit Scheme, an EU system of environmental management and environmental audits for organizations wishing to improve their environmental performance.

EMAS is based on ISO 14001, the international standard for environmental management, but includes additional requirements ensuring legal compliance and the publication of an environmental statement. This makes EMAS the premium instrument for environmental management.

In its EMAS environmental statement, the company discloses the direct and indirect impact of its activities on the environment as well as its environmental performance and targets. The environmental statement is validated by an independent, government-accredited environmental auditor. Compliance with the targets specified in the environmental statement has to be verified. The EMAS logo may only be used by registered organizations that have successfully undergone the audit performed by the environmental auditor.


Customers using our tailor-made, professional AV services can be sure of contributing to the protection of our environment.

logo_emas_2016 klEnvironment Team:

  • Environment Manager: GF Christine Bernhard
  • Environmental Officer: Prok. Stefan Reisek
  • Team Members: Denise Reisek


Our EMAS Environmental Statement 2019 (in German)

Our EMAS Environmental Statement 2017 (in German)

Our EMAS Environmental Statement 2015 (in German)